Friday, 6 April 2012

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Do Islamic Blogging To Spread Islam

Today use of Internet has become very common almost in all countries of the world. there are billions of internet users and growing. Seeing the popularity of Internet we must know the importance of Internet and use it as a medium to spread message of Islam. Different ways can be tried to spread message of Islam on Internet but today my topic is doing Islamic Blogging to spread Islam.

Making a blog is free and easy. Anyone can create a blog on any topic and can start writing on it. you can create a blog for free on Blogspot or Wordpress easily. So i would advice all the Muslims who has knowledge of Islam to make Blogs on Islam and write on different Islamic topics. if you can't write then you can also create Videos blog where you can add Islamic videos from Youtube. when you will start writing on your blog it will be read by people all around the world through Internet.

In today's world when Muslims are facing tough Situation and they are also behind in world of media Internet should be used to bring real Islam in-front of World.


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