Friday, 6 April 2012

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Islamic Questions Answers

From now we are starting a new segment In our Blog that is Islamic Question Answers. In this we will be answering your questions about Islam that you send us through Emails. So following are answers of your questions that we got recently.

1 Is There any difference in Prayer of Man and Women?

Answer: There is no difference in Prayer of man and women. There is no Hadith present about it which says that Prayer of Women will be different from prayer of man.

2 I Love a boy can i keep relations with him? i also want to marry him.

Answer: Keeping relations with a non-mehram is Haram even if he promises to marry you. no relations are allowed before marriage.

3 What Shariah Says About Naat?

Answer: Naat means Appreciating Rasool Allah SAW and saying Naat is a virtue. but Naat must not contain any shirk which many naats of today contain. if we see the Naats said by Sahaba they where very different from the Naats which these days are said.

4 If someone breaks Swear of Allah what should he do?

Answer: he should give food or clothes  to ten poor people or keep 3 fasts.
5 Can we offer all 5 prayers at night together?

Answer: Prayers should be offer at their times according to order of Quran and Hadith.

6 On How Much Gold I Will have to give Zakat?

Answer: you will have to give Zakat on 7.5 Tola or more Gold.

7 If Imam Is In Ruku and i join him will my Rakat be considered?

Answer: As you have not read Surah Fatiha in that Rakat so you will have to offer Rakat again.

8 Can i marry a man who is 15 years bigger than me?

Answer: there is no limit of age for marriage. Age of Hazrat Khadija was also more than Rasool Allah SAW.

9 Is saying Ya Rasool Madad, Ya Ali Madad, Ya Khawaja Madad etc right?

Answer: It is Shirk. Quran forbids it on many places.

10 Does Islam Allow Joint Family System?

Answer: Islam allows Joint family system with condition of Parda (Hijab).


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