Friday, 6 April 2012

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Ramadhan is Coming......Are You Ready?

Success i whatever we do depeds o how clear we are o the objectives we wat to achieve ad how well we pla for it. Eve a recreatioal activity such as goig o a vacatio takes much plaig. It is ot feasible for a perso to simply just get up ad depart to a vacatio destiatio without plaig, especially if oe wats to have a good vacatio or recreatioal activity. For example, if oe is goig to Disey World, usually plaig is doe moths i advace for the trip. I additio to makig travelig ad accommodatio arragemets, people cosult frieds, read literature ad research o how to get the most beefit while there. Time ad effort is spet decidig which rides ad sites to visit, i what order ad at what times of the day so that oe ca get the maximum beefit at miimum cost i a reasoable time. People make sigificat efforts to pla the trip because it meas so much to them to make such a trip.
This Ramadhaan, I will be exceptioally charitable. My heart will be ameliorated ad my purse will be widely opeed, whe tears fill my eyes o seeig, hearig or thikig of the scees of devastatio, disease, starvatio, agoy, displacemet, killigs, blow up bodies ad severed limbs of poor, helpless people caused by ma-made disasters as i Afghaista, Palestie, Iraq, Chechya ad Kashmir or by atural disasters as i ew Orleas or i the areas hit by Tsuami. I will sed all my Zakaah for their help right at the begiig of Ramadhaan through trustworthy Islamic charities. I additio to my Zakaah, I will pay whatever I ca spare from my family's ecessities for helpig those i dire eed. If I have bee payig my Zakaah to my relatives, this Ramadhaan, I will help my relatives from my other savigs ad resources, so that I ca pay Zakaah to the victims of state terrorism or atural disasters. I will avoid spedig moey o my home decoratio or gettig ew clothes for 'Eed or buyig more video games ad toys for my childre, so that those who are i more eed tha me ad my family ca be helped. I will eve pay my Fitrah very early i Ramadhaan so that it ca reach those displaced from their homes before 'Eed ad before the weather becomes too cold.
If I am a uiversity studet whose fial exams are fallig i Ramadhaan, my act of worship is to do my utmost best to study hard ad get the best possible results, give that ay momet that is ot spet o studyig is ot spet i ay other pursuit except i the remembrace of Allaah or study of the Quraan. While travellig to/from or withi campus or while takig a break from studies, I will automatically shift to remembrace of Allaah or recitatio of the Quraan. For my studies, I will keep timigs that are cosistet with the spirit of Ramadhaan, i.e. sleep early ad get up very early. Istead of stayig up late at the risk of missig Suhoor or Fajr, I will adjust my body clock to Islamic lifestyle istead of the wester lifestyle. Whe I get up to study at 2 or 3 AM, I will start with two Raka'at of Tahajjud ad the cotiue with my studies. After Fajr, I will still sped 15-20 miutes o the study of Tafseer eve o exam days.
Taqwa is the source of all virtues ad goodess. It is the catalyst that reforms a perso from iside. Oce a perso's paradigm shifts geuiely towards Taqwa, he embarks o a path of cotiuous self-improvemet. He moitors his ow thoughts, motives ad actios to esure that they remai pure ad aliged with the guidace of Islam. He becomes motivated, eager ad ethusiastic to do good, or rather excel, i his ethics, morals, dealigs, huma relatios, ad every aspect of his coduct i day to day life. He tries his best to avoid ay bad behaviour i ay affairs of life. Good actios please him. Mistakes give him axiety, i which case he immediately repets, seeks Allaah's forgiveess ad makes up for them by doig more good. He loves Allaah's creatios ad cares for them. He becomes geerous, gracious, forgivig ad kid. He becomes a champio for the rights of the weak, eglected, disadvataged ad persecuted people of the society. He courageously stads up ad struggles for the establishmet of justice, fairess, equity ad equality of all people. He dedicates himself selflessly, ever expectig or acceptig ay thig or ay beefit i retur because his goal is Allaah's pleasure, mercy ad forgiveess.


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