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Waseela/ Tufail of Hazrat Muhammad(SAWS)

AOA all,
Now a days I am hearing a lot of contradictory statements of Waseela of Hazrat Muhammad( SAWS).

I received mail from Mr. Ali Muhammad (member of friendz group). Also on Islamic universal yesterday a lady (Kiran) asked about her doubt after seeing a program on TV which said that there is no concept of waseela of Hazrat Muhammad (SAWS)…
And ya Mr. Ijaz(TL moderator) here is it the quranic refernce u asked me when I forwarded mail on waseela.

In this mail I will be giving all of you concept of waseela in Islam. And yes other people interested can also read through this article.
Well I will not go to religious sects. I am giving Quranic proof with the help of my dad( Haji Q.B. Qureshi) who masallah is completing Quranic tafseer.. He is on 30th para this days.

I have highlighted references and the surats everyone can access relative ayat quickly.
Before I start my discussion I will like to say about the respect and value of Hazrat Muhammad(SAWS) in Islam.

Value of Hazrat Muhammad( SAWS) in Islam

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In above ayat Allah is explicitly saying If Hazrat Muhammad(SAWS) wants to forgive them then Allah will also accept their tauba… Now what are you getting? Yes of course!!! Hazrat Muhammad(SAWS) was not a normal person . He had great esteem and respect before Allah and this universe was created for him. And our first Kalma( by which non-Muslim convert to Islam) mentions his name too…. Also check for the translation and advantages of Darood- Sharif.


Waseela Of Hazrat Muhammad(SAWS)

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Concept of Waseela in Islam
This is especially for Mr. Ali who replied back to my mail of waseela. Here is your answer.
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In surat Ibrahim, a person is a waseela for asking for forgiveness of his parents, children and stead fast believers on day of judgment. This is the duaa of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS)

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  1. Just forget every thing keep in mind that that the holly Quran is in arabic. In arabic waseela means "Qurb" not Zaria in urdu.. Clear all confusions make Islam easy for our brothers and non muslims which have eager to know what Islam exactly is. The impact of wrong waseela can be easily seen in india and pakistan where urdu is spoken and shirk is generated and demonstrate, May Allah eliminate this miscomcept Aameen!

    1. Anonymous you are misguiding the ummah, correct ur aqeeda first.


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