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Only One God

The cornerstone of Islam is “Tauhid“, i.e. Monotheism. “Tauhid” means belief in only one God and that existence in general– among other things the order of nature–is a manifestation of His grand design, as well as turning to God in prayer and glorification, away from worshipping any other.
The first article of faith is: “La ilaha, illa-llah
– “There is no God but Allah.”
And the first step towards Islam: “Ashhadu an la ilaha illa-llah
– “I testify that there is no God beside Allah.”
Not only my tongue but also my heart and inner light all proclaim that there is no other than the Creator of the world who is worthy of adoration.
All the other teachings of Islam are founded upon this and have their sources here. Accordingly Islam proclaimed monotheism to be the path to salvation: “Qulu la ilaha illa-llah, tuflihu
–”Say: There is no God but Allah, and thereby you will attain salvation.”
This means: Say and act sincerely, and believe with all your heart that apart from the only Creator of the world there is nothing worthy of adoration and this shall be your path to salvation.


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