Monday, 24 March 2014

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Allah swt’s presence

 Allah swt's presence

He is the One the only One Allah swt’s presence
He knows what you think
He knows when you wink

He knows when you write
He knows when you take a bite or backbite

He knows each word you type and mean
He knows each word you speak and dream

He knows every whisper and every poke
He knows every murmur and frown u make

He knows the fake smile and when you are sly
He is aware of the sorrow and every tear you cry

He knows the growing pride within
He knows the the seeker of fame hidden

He knows when the tears are for His pleasure
He knows when they are for dreams and leisure

He knows your faith and aspirations
He knows the humble and meek whose Jannah is destination

He is the All knowing the Al Aleem
He is the All aware the Al Khabeer
The As Sami the Al Baseer
The All hearing and All seeing

So never forget we are not been watched on
And pray that we learn to know the one who Knows us


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