1. A Website For Roohani Ilajs And All Islmaic Wazaifs And Masnoon Duain And Mah-e-Rajab And
    Mah-e-Shaban Ke Wazaifs And Duain And Listen And dOWNLOAD Compelete Quran With English And
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  2. I found this blog very informative in Islamic stuff. Now beautify your life with the blessings of reading, listening to, and understanding the Quran on the go. Quran app by Deenwise exclusively offers you the complete Quran with translation on iPhone.
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  3. Deenwise is the most ‘Comprehensive’ Islamic app featuring everything that a Muslim needs in their day to day life. We have striven to include as much as we can in a single app.

    Deenwise features include; Qiblah finder, the whole Quran, Audio recitations, English and Urdu translations of Quran, Prayer Timing, Prayer counter, Ahadees, Quotes, Duas, and whole lot more. Deenwise converts your smartphone into a Muslim Friend and keeps you on track to your Deen.

    It also has an innovative “Silence Zone” feature which will tag your favourite mosque and remind you to silence your phone when you are there. It will also remind you to enable the sound when you leave it!

    App Features:
    - Silence Zone feature reminds you to turn your iPhone to silent as you enter in Praying Area.
    - Accurate Prayer Times according to Geographical Location
    - Digital Tasbeeh helps you to count your Zikr everywhere and anywhere
    - Find Nearest Mosque or praying area to your location
    - The Whole Quran, Audio Recitation and English & Urdu Translation.
    - Islamic Readings include: Hadees, Islamic Quotes, Six Kalmas, Dua and Haroof e Muqattat
    - Ramadan Portal with Ramadan Duas, Calendar, Deals, Timings and Alarms for Sehr & Iftar.
    - 99 Names of Allah and Muhammad (PBUH)
    - Azaan
    - Namaz Counter
    - Qiblah Finder
    - Zakaat Calculator
    - Islamic Hijri Calendar
    - Islamic Events Calendar
    Download For iOS: http://bit.ly/deenwise-ios
    Download For Android: bitly.com/deenwise-android

  4. this is very nice website i found it very helpful

  5. Jazakallah Khair, Nice Islamic App and Blog! I want to share “Prayer Counter”. It is an iPhone application that assists Muslims in counting their prayers. This app is for Muslims across the globe who miss any of their prayers because of some busy schedule or any issue. Prayer Counter is a worthwhile app to help them remember the number of missed prayers.

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